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Answers to Your Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, please reach out to us either via the CHAT button below, email or Facebook message


We will get back to you ASAP.  

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Can I Bring My Own Axe?

Unfortunately, no.  Due to safety concerns, we require that you use the axes we provide.  We will have large and small axes to accommodate all throwers.  


How many people do I need to book?

There is no minimum required.  But we find that the more people you include, the merrier they will be. You can throw as indivduals, create teams and make it competitive, it's up to you - it's your event - make it FUN!!!

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What is your cancellation policy?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. In the event of a cancellation, client will receive entire credit on their account and can reschedule for a new event date up to 1 year from the original date. Same location, same day of the week (or any open date if already scheduled for a weekend day.)


Cancel and reschedule up to 4 hours before an event if they desire based on forecast.


How safe is axe throwing

It is surprisingly safe with proper instruction. Safety is very important to the On The Go Axe Throw Team and the axe throwing community in general.


What should I wear?

You must have closed toed shoes to participate.
Sports attire or comfortable clothes are recommended. Dress shirts look great, but they are restrictive for axe throwing, so please wear something comfortable that allows a full range of motion.


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How do I throw an axe?

There are 2 techniques that we allow. 


  • Two handed over head or

  • one hand side throw. 

We will demonstrate both techniques during your safety brief.

Any other style tosses could result in your removal, so we appreciate you sticking to these style tosses.  


Do I need to sign a liability waiver?

Yes, when you arrive and check-in, you will sign an electronic liability waiver before you can throw axes.

All guests at the event will need to sign, even if they don't think they will throw - because you never know. Thanks for your cooperation on this.  Anyone under 18 years old, must have a parent or guardian sign their liability waiver as well.

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