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We Are Excited to Book

Your Event!

No Experience Necessary

  • Our staff will be available for the entire event.  They will teach you how to throw and provide a safety brief to make your experience enjoyable!

Axe in Tree Stump
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What's Included

  • Set up/Removal of Trailer

  • Trained Staff to Manage Event

  • Safety Brief and Throwing Instructions

  • Variety of games to add to your enjoyment

  • Fold Down Table with Chairs to Enjoy the Activities

  • Bluetooth Sound with Spotify

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For Your Safety

  • Closed Toe Shoes Required AT ALL TIMES

  • Only 1 Person in Throwing Area at a Time

  • Only 1 Person Retrieving Axes at a Time

  • We Reserve the Right to Turn Unsafe Throwers Away

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What We Require

  • Space to park our trailer that is at least 15'x30'x10'

  • Space should be dry and flat

  • This is our minimum requirements - more room is always better.

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